Dinda Mazeda
 Oceanographer - Fugro Indonesia | Teaching Volunteer
Group 12: SDN Sukakerta 2 | Cilamaya Wetan | Karawang
20 Februari 2017

Aim High, Reach Higher! 

That early morning I and my friend were packed our things, put on our raincoat and helmet, ready to ride the motorbike. It was Monday, 20th February 2017. The second time I joined Kelas Inspirasi Karawang as a teacher. 

The sun hasn't even rise yet, we almost on our halfway when the drizzle change to heavy rain. We ride for almost one and a half hours to the school, SDN Sukakerta 2 in Cilamaya Wetan, almost 45 kilometres away from the city center of Karawang. My friend drops me halfway as she has to continue her journey to different school. My shoes were completely wet, even the color a bit changed. I decided to buy a new swallow flip flop, the signature Indonesian foot wear as I waiting to be picked up by Tanto, the facilitator.

It was almost 7 in the morning when I arrived and join our team. Tanto and the other spent the night before slept in the hall at nearby school. We are a small team, 6 men and 2 women who were passionate and committed until that day, we called it "Hari Inspirasi".

The kids were excited meeting their new teacher. We introduced ourselves in the hallway since it was raining and we couldn't use the outdoor field. As we only have 4 teachers, we have to combine the 1st grader and 2nd grader on the same class and also the 3rd grader and 6th grader on the same class. 

Explain my job
Documentation: Asep Solihin/Sugiyono

Things mostly okay and goes as smooth as planned. Not with the 1st and 2nd grader though, it was chaos! I can't even handle the class. Three boys were running around the class won't listen to the single word that I said, some girls were too excited reading their new books. Then it hit me "these kids won't even understand what is oceanographer means, why should I bother?" that was when I don't give a f*ck about being a teacher and just play along with them and making origami, which surprisingly work! That very moment I have a whole new level of respect for the kindergarten and primary school teachers. 

The most exciting thing about this event is the part when you know what their future goals are. Of course I don't expect them to tell me that they want to be an oceanographer when they grow up. In this school, most of the kids here want to be an Ustad or Islamic teacher when they grow up, such a noble job.

There is something special about this school, the students for each class are less than 20, and most of the girls are wearing hijab. When we discussed about it with their teachers, they said most of the kids were join the Islamic school on the neighbourhood. 

Growing up in this town won't guarantee you to know every part of Karawang. I didn't know that the Islamic influences are quite strong in this part of the city. It shows by the majestic mosque that we saw on our way back home. Sure Muslim is the majority in Indonesia, but all the things that we found there, still amazed me. 

It's almost noon when the kids where gathered around on the outdoor field with their paper planes representing their hope for the future. Yes, they are ready, ready to aim high and reach higher! It was such an amazing experience to meet these kids, giving back to society can start with the smallest things like helping other reach their goals. It might still a way down the road, but helping these kids to keep their hope and reach their goals, have bring back the joys to us.

 Aim High, Reach Higher!
Documentation: Asep Solihin/Sugiyono

I'm also grateful to be a part of this team. We're small team but we're getting stronger over time. Tika, the photographer, the youngest who always keep that fire on even on our hardest time on preparing “Hari Inspirasi”. Ugie, another photographer, came all the way from Tegal, Central Java, his effort to be a part of this team was outstanding. Asep, or also known as Asol, he is a fantastic videographer who act like a pro! Kang Ahmad, I greet him that way to show respect to an elder person, he is also a teacher, on his first time joined this event, he keep everything under control. Kang Kharis, full-time working and keep his focus to contribute on this event is not an easy job especially if you also plan a wedding on the same time. Azis, surprisingly the guy who glued us together, even when we keep teasing him by calling him Aliando as he a bit look like our local actor. The last one is Tanto, our facilitator, a single fighter, his contribution was beyond what we could expect, and definitely the guy you can count on. Against all the odds, it was fun to get to know all of you guys, until we meet again on our next event.


Dinda Mazeda
All Volunteer in Group 12, SDN Sukakerta 2
Documentation: Asep Solihin/Sugiyono